Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus

Today, I Am Potter

Today, I am Potter

At the risk of sounding like a fangirl at a premiere of a new Twilight movie, I will admit that I feel as though today will officially end my childhood despite having become a legal adult five years ago. I grew up in the land of Potter, where magic became reality and anything was possible. Harry was my best friend, the one hero I knew I could count on no matter what adversity he was forced to undergo. Hermione was my sister, bushy-haired and buck-toothed, always trying to outweigh instinct with logic; Ron, my brother, the wonderful sidekick-without-being-a-sidekick who could always be depended upon. This world, these characters, became real to not only me but billions of people worldwide.

And it all ends tonight. At midnight tonight, we will step onto Platform 9 3/4 one last time and watch as the magical world of Hogwarts comes to a close. We all know what will happen, especially after having read the book once, twice, if not more, before the movie’s release tonight, but that does not undermine the finality, the closure, the sheer and utter sadness that will be felt by all of us tonight as the credits scroll slowly up the screen. I can guarantee laughter, tears, and chills while I watch tonight’s premiere.

The world of Potter became such a grand part of my life that it will be difficult to watch as it fades to black tonight, especially after spending countless hours on RPG-websites playing one, two, or twelve of my favorite or fabricated characters; after penning millions of words in FanFiction, watching my hand distort their world and create new stories, new romances, and new endings; after finding a stick in the yard the perfect length to be a wand and pretending to be Potter himself venturing into the realm of danger; and after watching these books take the world by storm. It will be difficult to see it end, indeed, but if there’s one thing I learned from this epic saga, it is…

never tickle a sleeping dragon.


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  1. You know… I think I’m okay with that. And I’ll admit it; I cried. I didn’t sob uncontrollably, but I cried.

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