Not Gay As In Happy: A Diary of the Fabulous

Follow me as I embark on my last semester as an undergraduate, journeying through two literature classes (Early American Literature and LGBT Literature), two science classes (Geology and Cultural Geography), and a thesis workshop while feebly trying to juggle the arduous quest for the perfect graduate school, the chaos and stress of a part-time job, and a quickly blossoming interest in gay rights activism. Let the knock-down begin.

I’m not sure where my fascination with Latin headings came from, but I think it’s very unique, and there are a lot of Latin phrases that can be applied to gay rights, which is something that I’m becoming more and more interested in daily.

Here are the translations of each of the headings:

  • Scribimus indocti doctique poemata passim. » Learned or not, we shall write poems without distinction.
  • Amo ergo sum. » I love; therefore, I am.
  • Et alii. » And others.

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